Retiring Near a College Town

Written by: Mike Valles

For some seniors, the idea of retiring and rocking the remainder of their life away has little appeal. Instead, their minds and bodies are still very active and they intend to keep them that way as long as possible. Retiring to a college community makes a lot of sense to them because it places many nearby opportunities for further learning, and often has its own share of medical benefits, too – and that’s just for starters.

College communities have a lot to offer to seniors, and it appears that a large number of them have already made this discovery. Retiring near a college town will also mean lower housing costs in some communities.

One great benefit of retiring near or in a college town is that two recent studies discovered that the idea of returning to a familiar environment of younger, healthier days can actually help your body to “act younger,” reported Molly Turner at Huffington Post. Real interaction with young students (not just being near them) can actually help you continue to feel young and be more active.

College towns often have a lot more than other cities in the way of arts, activities, and entertainment. These communities are geared more toward a younger generation and they derive much of their revenue by keeping students happy and busy.

The average cost of living is also lower near some campuses, too. USAToday, reported on one couple that moved to Athens, GA to retire. After moving there, they discovered that the cost of a home was less, and so were the property taxes, and even their health insurance was considerably less. Their auto insurance increased, however, because they were told that there were too many “inexperienced drivers” around.

Being close to a university or college also has other bonuses, too. A growing number of campuses now give free classes to seniors, and retirees can often get access to tennis courts and other sports activities. Emily Brandon at mentions that there may even be an opportunity to be a guest speaker or contribute in some way to the classes.

College libraries offer a tremendous resource to enable research, get current information, provide an almost endless supply of books, and more. says that a number of universities now design courses just for seniors that have no tests or homework – but lots of fieldtrips. You can learn more about these 120 Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes, or OLLI at the Bernard Osher Foundation.

Medical colleges help keep the cost of medical insurance lower in an area, too, and some of the services may be free. They may also enable you to get access to cutting-edge research and care from the best professionals.

Before retiring and deciding to move to any college town (there are more than 3,000 of them), you certainly need to consider your own interests and health. This should include concerns about the climate, the hills or lack of them, closeness of family, cost of real estate, health care, and more. The new choices should enable you to enjoy a new life – not necessarily to relocate what you already have.


Retiring Near a College Town

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