Retired? Take a Trip to Improve Your Investment Outlook

Written by: David Wilkening

If you are retired or even semi-retired, don’t tell me you don’t have time on your hands, as the expression goes. You are certainly not as busy as you were when you had a full-time career, and perhaps children were underfoot, so having time prompts me to make a suggestion:

Go somewhere. Get out of town.

Take a trip not only for fun and happiness but for profit.

And use your so-called vacation from home or your trips to seek out investment opportunities.

This so-called work can be done leisurely, and without a lot of exertion, but it can offer a lot of benefits  –  perhaps in ways you have not thought about.

One reason to do some traveling came up when released its study by Harris Interactive. It linked vacations and happiness. It found that an amazing 86% of respondents paired the two. Not only that, but people who vacationed three times a year or more than happier than the rest of us.

Expedia did this, of course, to publicize the launch of their upcoming summer sale. What better time to travel cheaper than summers?

But how can you make a trip profitable?

There a many ways.

Why not include some element of a real estate potential investment in your trips? This does not mean you have to go to unpopular places or even think of any extremes.

One way is to do what I do: which is subscribe to a variety of different email sources that alert me to sales and other offers.

Green Bay, Wisconsin, where I have visited, is not a bad place. In addition to a lot of cheese and beer offerings, (the domestic here is generally better than imports) it even has a professional football team.

A company called auction recently sent me an email alerting me to their sale of both single-and multi-family properties throughout the entire state. The real estate auction company specializes in bank auctions. The site said there was even a church on the auction block.

No, you’re not likely to want a church (which is described as “beautiful in a great corner location”) but the company claims its properties often have great visibility from major highways (ideal for some commercial uses or even for changing zoning to add to their value). Or simply single-family homes, at least one of which also an unusual feature: an airplane hangar, which might just be what some fly-happy renter craves.

Altogether, they are offering 40 properties at auction, with “bids well below list prices,” the company says.

They are priced to sell quickly, it adds.

Whether or not the auction house claims are honest, I don’t know. I do know that they make it easy. You can visit the site or call 866-378-2382 to have representatives of the auction company answer questions.

Are you happy yet? ###


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Retired? Take a Trip to Improve Your Investment...

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